Our Process

We start our clients off with a 15-minute introduction via phone, Skype, or GoTo Meeting to briefly get to know each other and see if a more in-depth conversation is appropriate.


(60-90 minutes)


Client Engagement &
Scope of Services


Account Integration &
Information Gathering




90 Day



Wealth Advisory

With technology advancing in the investment world, the available investment options for the average investor are greater than ever. We are embracing the changes and evolving with the advancements. We feel that it is even more relevant to have on demand advice. Our fee based platform will be able to aggregate all of your accounts and give you a dashboard consolidating everything from insurance policies, mortgage, and the many investment accounts that will be important to achieving your goals.

  • Advisor Focus ‐
    Immediate Value
  • Financial Organization
  • Employee benefit review
  • Current Financial Analysis
  • Spending ‐ Saving strategy
  • Role of risk management in overall financial plan
  • Key Advisory
  • Fee based financial plans - On going financial advice
  • Asset Management Services
  • Risk Management advice
  • Retirement Planning
  • College planning / Asset Accumulation
  • Interested in some
    alternative guidance?
  • Career planning
  • Life coaching
  • Travel Hacking
  • Life-style creation
  • New business start-up
  • Mapping life events

There will be a behavioral finance focus built into our practice. We understand that things will not always be smooth and with the day to day fluctuations, there will be continuous concerns. We intend on clearly defining your goals and being there when times are tough.

Fee Structure

Our firm believes in having a flexible fee structure that will apply to many different needs.

  • Flat one-time financial fees- Formal Financial Plan, Debt Management, College Planning, Insurance Analysis
  • Monthly Financial Planning Fee – Custom to your particular needs
  • Fees billed according to Assets Under Management (AUM)
  • Combination of AUM & Financial Planning

We intend on being very upfront as it relates to expenses and will highlight the true cost of your specific investment portfolio before engaging in an advisory agreement. Our fiduciary duty requires us to but your interests first and foremost.

Role of the advisor:
A professional financial advisor guides the financial planning process: goal identification, data organization, problem identification, analysis, recommendations, most important - plan implementation. The advisor is then tasked to monitor the plan. Your advisor will help you save, spend, invest, insure and plan wisely for the future.

You can't delegate your job, career, civic or family responsibilities - but you can obtain qualified, professional financial advice.